Born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, Nelly moved to the United States nine years ago where she resides in the South Bay. Her two beautiful children are her reason, her life! Between her son’s school and working at Green Hills Memorial Park, Nelly’s everyday activities revolve within an eight mile radius from her home. She absolutely loves the area and the people.

Prior to Green Hills Memorial Park, Nelly spent five years as an Associate Director with a nonprofit education organization serving over 12,000 families. After losing her husband in 2014, Nelly felt a need to better understand her life. She wanted to help people and started facilitating workshops as a volunteer with the L.A. Department of Mental Health educating the community on the diverse mental health conditions that exist.

The Green Hills Community

Nelly realized her true calling was helping families avoid the burden, anxiety and second guessing when an unexpected death occurs. She had a connection to Green Hills Memorial Park since her husband is laid to rest there. Becoming an Advanced Planning Counselor has changed her outlook providing unmeasurable satisfaction. She decided to put her loss and sad experience into her community service.

Nelly enjoys most working with a family and presenting them with a Personal Preference Guide. She knows the importance of having clearly defined instructions for loved ones to follow. Not having done this for herself or her husband has reinforced her passion to help others.

Off the Clock

A daily regimen that includes morning swims, Nelly enjoys her free time spending it with her family. No matter where they are, she finds fulfillment in being with them. She also finds time to read and cook but admits watching her son laugh is her favorite activity.

Nelly volunteers time preparing and serving food to homeless families as well as assemble basic need item packets that include dry foods, fruits and water bottles. Her and her son will drive in the vicinity handing them out to those in need.