Scott is a native Southern Californian who grew up in Encino and attended Notre Dame High School. He’s called the South Bay his home going on 10 years and enjoys living and working within the same community.

Prior to earning his degree in Business Finance at California State University Northridge, Scott served in the U.S. Army during Desert Storm as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division. Scott also attended the Harvard Business School Leadership Program building his leadership confidence, cross‐functional skills, and strategic insights that led to his continued growth as a top young executive.

Scott had an extensive career in the Media business accumulating 17 years between Viacom and NBC before coming to Green Hills Memorial Park. As the VP of Distribution and Marketing, Scott moved his family to Chicago spending three years in the windy city before relocating to Torrance.

He’s most proud of his family where he and his wife remain very active raising their two sons.

The Green Hills Community

Scott has been with Green Hills Memorial Park for 4 years. His decision to change career paths simply came down to wanting to work close to home affording him more time to be with his kids. Choosing Green Hills comes with the understanding he could go home every night and share with his family that he helped others through one of their toughest days imaginable.

Scott most enjoys his job recognizing he is surrounded by tremendous co‐workers who dedicate their lives and energy to something bigger than themselves. He recalls being at the Let it Snow event assisting children with snow sledding and seeing the expressions on their faces as they experienced being in the snow for the very first time.

Off the Clock

Scott maintains a schedule most would wonder how he manages to do it. From his 4:00 AM daily workouts to his post work schedule on the baseball diamond coaching, Scott surely squeezes out every ounce of each day.

When Scott realizes it’s time to completely escape and unwind you can find him somewhere in the Hawaiian Islands. He’s taken several trips over the years and claims his favorite to be the Big Island of Hawaii.

On Scott’s bucket list would be to visit Germany during Oktoberfest, an English Premier Soccer game and the World Cup.