What is Endowment Care and What Does it Mean for You?

What is Endowment Care? Have you ever attended the burial of an acquaintance and wondered how the cemetery will be maintained for generations to come? Probably not. Like most people, you show up and pay your respects without a thought given to the longevity of the grounds. And why should you? It’s our job and […]

Live The Real – Quality Time

Did you miss it?  Your friend’s hysterical monologue of a recent experience,  and when everyone breaks out laughing your head finally pops up from staring at your phone only to realize you didn’t hear a word of it.  What is happening on our phone that is more important than being present with those who are […]

Live The Real – Explore

The era before technology.  You can imagine the discoveries made, expeditions ignited, hypotheses proven or inventions on the horizon.  What mankind is capable of accomplishing in a mere few hours is quite incredible.  What could you create in 8.5 hours? Where could you adventure in 8.5 hours? How could you better yourself spiritually, mentally and […]

Live The Real – Give Back

You’ve earned it, two percent cashback on all of your purchases this past year and now it’s time to take that little sum and treat yourself.  The habit of occasionally checking in your app to see the points rise, followed by mentally planning how to allocate it to an item on your wishlist, then waiting […]

Live The Real – Brick & Mortar

Click, click, click…Purchase.  Yes, it truly is that easy to order 10 pairs of socks, groceries, an air fryer, and a new jacket on their way to your doorstep.  Our eyes begin to sink as we stare at the dim screen, scanning for deals and promo codes and throwing a minor fit when we have […]