Repurchase Request

For your convenience, Green Hills has created an online portal to submit requests for a repurchase of interment rights, also referred to as Cemetery Property.

If you are interested in Green Hills reviewing a repurchase request of your cemetery property, please complete the Repurchase Form found on this page. Be advised your request will be submitted electronically and a decision will be made within 30 days.

When Receiving an offer

Should Green Hills decide to make an offer to you, you will receive a DocuSign e-mail notification. You can then electronically accept the offer and in return it will immediately notify us. Any offer received is considered best and final. Offers are valid for 14 days. If this time should pass and you have not accepted the offer, the DocuSign will simply expire.

All offers are contingent of providing Green Hills the necessary information and documentation. Once an offer has been accepted, Green Hills will send you such documents via U.S. Mail for signature. Below is a list of potential contingencies that must be met in order to finalize the repurchase transaction.

Potential Contingencies

Below is a list of potential contingencies that must be met in order to finalize the repurchase transaction.

  • Signature and Notarization of a Release and/or Assignment of Rights Form
  • Signatures of any and all living Owners or proof of legitimacy to sell property if you are not the original owner, ie., a Trust, Living Trust or Power of Attorney
  • Death Certificates of Owners who are deceased, and not interred (buried) at Green Hills Memorial Park
  • If applicable, a Declaration of Intestate Succession signed by all rightful heirs
  • If applicable, legal document stating a name change (example: marriage certificate)
  • Your Social Security Number or Tax ID Number is required by the IRS. Requestors are subject to receiving a 1099-S for tax year end.


You will have 30 days from the date on the instruction letter we mail you to complete and return all designated information and documentation. Failure to meet this timeline will postpone or cancel the repurchase offer being presented. The instruction letter will only be sent to you if you accepted our offer letter through DocuSign.

Here is an example timeline for your reference:

  • June 1 – Property Owner completes Repurchase Request Form online
  • June 18 – Green Hills sends an offer letter through DocuSign. Property Owner has until July 2 to electronically accept
  • July 3 – Green Hills sends, via U.S. Mail, the instruction letter. Property Owner has until August 2 to submit all information and documentation

Repurchase Request Form

Complete the form and submit to Green Hills for Repurchase consideration. You will be contacted as soon as possible with the next steps.

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