HOPE(by) breakfast

Are you guilty of the 10 minute morning? Rolling out of bed, checking your phone, brushing your teeth, quick change for work, and grabbing your coffee as you fumble with the keys like a circus act on its way to the car?  Though it may be more difficult for some who are not born early risers, the benefits remain available to all.
Our days are filled with distractions, noise, and an ever growing “to-do” list.  Before stepping into this world of reaction, allow yourself a slow morning of intention.  By starting your morning with breakfast, coffee, or even just a little extra time, you’re giving your mind a little bit of calm before the storm.
Whether it’s silence with a cup of coffee, or a short reflection over a bowl of cereal, this extra runway time for your mind can create a healthy mental balance throughout your day.  Some even say it allows you to be more productive throughout the day.  You can promote this practice to others in your household and invite them to join you (maybe silently) in creating a slower paced morning.
Hope (by) Challenge: Plan out your breakfast for the next several mornings, and set your alarm to give yourself 15 extra minutes each morning this week.  Go the extra mile by using those 15 minutes for quiet reflection, silence, or slow sipping your morning beverage.