HOPE(by) coffee

Imagine you’re in line at your favorite coffee drive thru, about to indulge in your favorite non-fat mocha caramel swirl extra whipped cream iced cup of greatness- or maybe just a nice cup of joe- and when you pull up to the window to pay, the barista tells you the car in front of you has already paid for your beverage.  You quickly glance to see if you can catch a glimpse at the car, the license plate, or the side mirror, in hopes of making sense of this act of kindness.  As you suspect, it’s a complete stranger.
Has this happened to you before? Can you imagine what feelings would stir up within you in that moment?
The common saying, “There are still good people in this world” comes to mind.  Of course there are! Though we are often quick to forget this because our daily path can often be so independent of others that we are neglected of the experience of human kindness.
The simple act of buying a strangers coffee will not only instill a silent reward of joy within yourself, but undoubtedly remind that person that they are cared for, leaving an imprint of Hope.
Hope (by) Challenge: paperclip some cash with a sticky note “for hope” on it, and keep it in your car as a reminder to purchase someone’s coffee, tea, cheeseburger, whatever it may be- in the line behind you.