HOPE(by) light


Every year you pull out those tangled up Christmas lights, you string them along some garland, or inside your tree, only to plug them in and realize they’ve burnt out.  Anger, rage, maybe a hint of defeat builds up inside of you in that moment and you think to yourself, “Why do I even try?”
No, the daunting chore of hanging lights is not what we look forward to each holiday year.  What inevitably follows, however, is a sense of peace, delight, and maybe tranquility as we gaze at those lights every night.
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.”- MLK Jr. 
So as you approach the old box of Christmas lights, and consider the task ahead, remind yourself of the gift you will bring to those who pass by, and are in need of your light.
Hope (by) Challenge: String Christmas lights outside of your home this year to share the light with others. Consider doing the same for an elderly neighbor!