Texting has become the most popular form of communication these days, though informal and somewhat impersonal, you can’t argue it isn’t convenient!  So how could a text message possibly bring Hope?
Think of it as the modern day “drop in.”  Years ago, we would simply knock on our friends door and invite ourselves over for coffee around the kitchen table.  Free time seems to be disappearing with every passing day, and quite possibly doesn’t exist in our overflowing calendar of commitments.  Though this is the sad reality most find themselves in, it doesn’t have to keep you from checking in on friends and family with genuine intention.
A simple “How are you doing?!”  text can go a long way.  It’s easy to assume on the surface that people are doing just fine, but do we really know?  We can’t unless we ask.  Smiling faces can still carry hurt, sorrow, doubt, and hopelessness.  It takes less than a minute to send a text message that has the power to open a door to Hope for others.
Hope (by) Challenge: Think of 5 friends or family members, send them a text that lets them know you are thinking of them.