HOPE(by) venmo

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure can buy the ingredients to make you smile.  Do you have a particular Holiday memory that evokes a grin at just the thought?  Maybe it’s the quirky ornaments you used to place on the tree each year, ice skating at the nearby arena, or simply the clouds of flour that engulfed the kitchen as you and loved ones attempt to make cookies each year.  These memories are unique to your heart, and what makes them evoke that grin cannot be duplicated or bought.  When these fond stories are shared, they can inspire others to set out and create their own.
Hope (by) Challenge: Encourage someone to make a memory with their loved ones by sending them a Venmo with an idea attached.  Ie. Venmo your favorite Christmas Cookie recipe with the funds to get the ingredients, and challenge them to do it with others!