HOPE(by) words

A picture is worth a thousand words they say, but what are a thousand words worth?  Words are powerful, and it only takes one to a few to influence someone’s emotion, state of mind, or outlook.  While we often think of how we must be careful with what we say, it is often taken for granted that we possess the gift of words.
Do you speak just to fill the silence, or do you take the time to be intentional with what you will say?  Admittingly, it can be quite difficult to “think before you speak” in such a reactionary and quick paced culture.  Writing gifts you with the opportunity to intentionally articulate your message with meaningful words.  Whether you are writing a letter to someone else, or journaling to capture the thoughts in your head, writing will surely solidify any thought or emotion you wish to translate to words.  Words can encourage, inspire, lift up, and change hearts.  Words can give Hope.
Hope (by) Challenge: Write a letter – yes, good ole’ fashioned snail mail- to someone who may need the extra support and encouragement this season.  It can be as simple as a homemade Christmas Card, or as intricate as a long tailed letter.  Whatever you choose, remember to write with intention.