The past days we have spent reflecting on ways we encourage others to share Hope.  Much like Love, hope must exist within yourself in order to give it.  How can we share peace, hope, and love, if we ourselves do not allow it into our own hearts?  
Yes, if you wish to inspire, encourage, and give Hope… it must begin with You.  In the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Clarence the angel asks God, “Is he [George Bailey] sick?”and God replies, “No, worse, he’s lost hope.”
Friends, we must never lose hope! For when we do, a ripple effect can occur with all those linked to us.  You never know who is directly and indirectly affected by your presence and light of hope.  Strengthen the hope within you, like the muscles in your body you must exercise hope as an act of the will.  Choose to see it in the simple happenings of life, in the stories unfolding around you, and in all of those you encounter.
Hope (by) Challenge: