How To Honor a Veteran At Their Memorial


The loss of any loved one is a difficult experience and your loved one deserves a memorial celebration that truly commemorates who they were in life. At Green Hills, we plan individualized celebrations of life for any person, family, or friend who walks through our doors.

However, veterans are eligible for additional memorial honors related specifically to their service to the armed forces in serving our country. Green Hills can help you arrange many of these honors, but it is important that you know and understand them so you can anticipate what to expect.

The Military Funeral Honors Program

If your loved one was a veteran of the armed forces, Public Law 106-65 indicates that they are eligible to receive military funeral honors at their burial service. However, there are some qualifiers to be eligible for this service. For instance, the family must request the honors from the Department of Defense and the veteran must have been Honorably Discharged from the service.

Green Hills can assist you with requesting military funeral honors if that is something you want to include in your loved one’s burial service.

Military funeral honors include a ceremonial paying of respect for the sacrifice and contributions of a fallen veteran. The nature of those honors changes based on the length of your loved one’s service and accolades.


All eligible veterans who were honorably discharged from service are entitled to military funeral honors including a two or three uniformed soldier detail. At least one of these soldiers can be from your loved one’s parent service of the armed forces. The honors include the playing of Taps and the folding and presenting of the United States burial flag.


If your loved one spent their career in the armed forces until retirement, they are entitled to a nine-soldier detail with all of the above honors, including a firing party.

Active-Duty Deaths and Medal of Honor Recipients

If your loved one was tragically killed in the line of duty or was a Medal of Honor recipient, their military funeral honors will include a casket carry and flag fold performed by six soldiers, as well as a seven-soldier firing party.

Veteran Burial Benefits

A funeral for a veteran’s cremation or traditional burial may be eligible for assistance or benefits from the government.

In some cases, the Department of Veterans Affairs (the VA) offers allowances to help with burial and funeral expenses. Oftentimes, this is related to veterans who were receiving care at VA hospitals or who were receiving a VA pension or military.

You can check here for the full list of conditions to see if you are eligible for these allowances based on your loved one’s military status. You may need to supply documents such as the veteran’s military discharge papers, death certificate, and documents and receipts detailing the cost of the service.

Let Green Hills Help Honor Your Veteran

When you work with Green Hills, one of the first questions we will ask is if your loved one was a veteran and if you are interested in military funeral honors.

The process of requesting these honors and benefits from the VA and the Department of Defense can be time-consuming, but that’s why we are here to make it as easy as possible for you.

We will handle as much of the process as we can, and help guide you through the rest. Our job is to help you through your veteran’s cremation or burial so that you can focus on healing and celebrating your loved one’s life.

Contact Green Hills today and let us help you honor your veteran with the respect and dignity they deserve as a member of the armed forces.