Live The Real – Affirm


A simple action repeated over and over hundreds of times a week. “Liking” the social post of someone else’s significant moment in life as you sit on the couch with a snapshot view of their world.  What started as a creative way to share life updates with friends has quickly become an outlet for living through a lens.

We are but a click away from showing this micro sign of approval to our peers.  It takes little to no effort, which is why it has little to no impact.  Rather than giving validation to someone through the act of a “like,” let us validate them in words of affirmation.

Challenge: Two Times the Affirmation. Give words of affirmation to a stranger and a loved one.  It could be as simple as “You have a nice smile.” Then offer words of affirmation to someone you care about. You may be thinking, “We don’t ever say things like that to each other.” Words spoken have an incredible impact, especially coming from someone you respect. Take the time to experience real life moments over digital validation.