Live The Real – Brick & Mortar

Click, click, click…Purchase.  Yes, it truly is that easy to order 10 pairs of socks, groceries, an air fryer, and a new jacket on their way to your doorstep.  Our eyes begin to sink as we stare at the dim screen, scanning for deals and promo codes and throwing a minor fit when we have to pay for shipping.  There simply is no magic in this experience, and certainly no thrill of having to get off the recliner to find your wallet and type in one hundred digits over and over again because you keep getting error messages.  Reminding yourself of shopping small and supporting local families has a remarkable way of turning the common storefront into a destination worthy of embarking.  As you walk out of the little shop, the feeling of contribution settles in, and the satisfaction of knowing your purchase alone brings hope to the locals.

Challenge: Give brick and mortar a chance.  Give the opportunity to the businesses in your community. Take the time to experience the joyful elements of shopping the physical instead of the virtual, while supporting your fellow neighbors and their families.