Live The Real – Entertainment

Your feet propped on the ottoman, a bowl of pretzels or popcorn within reach, and a mind numbing show on TV just to settle your thoughts down for the evening.  Sound familiar?  This may or may not be the majority’s end of day routine as a means to entertain the mind.  Watching someone effortly construct mouth watering tiramisu, while another talented individual brings you alongside their designer kitchen remodel.  Today we entertain ourselves simply by watching others live life.  These folks embrace their talents and challenge their efforts.  Some end up on TV to share with all the world, but many choose to live life unseen.  Not exploited by social media platforms or propped up by their own accord.  Watching someone else live life just isn’t good enough– it’s time to live out your own story.  Go experience a theater play (or be in one!), root for your team bundled up in the nosebleeds, pick a restaurant that has live music, and remind yourself of entertainment beyond that square box in your living room.

Challenge: Choose one night in the next 2 weeks to break your routine.  Bake something with your own two hands, paint the room you’ve been talking about for months, or get out and see a live play. Take the time to live real life moments over watching others live theirs.