Live The Real – Explore


The era before technology.  You can imagine the discoveries made, expeditions ignited, hypotheses proven or inventions on the horizon.  What mankind is capable of accomplishing in a mere few hours is quite incredible.  What could you create in 8.5 hours? Where could you adventure in 8.5 hours? How could you better yourself spiritually, mentally and physically in 8.5 hours?  Yes, 8.5 hours is the average amount of screentime adults average per day.  You may not have that much time at the end of each work day to apply to exploration; however, reflect on the precious time you do have and where you spend it.

Challenge: Track your time.  It’s a scary challenge, we know. Not just the time spent on your phone but watching TV and sitting in front of the computer too. After a few days of tracking, challenge yourself to take the same amount of hours and apply it to a new trade you wish to learn or bring back to life. Take the time to experience real life moments over being consumed by the digital world we tend to live in.