Live The Real – Face Time


When you can’t be in the same home or even the same state, FaceTime has been a gift of technology that brings a surprising element of closeness.  However, nothing can beat the real deal.  Sitting in a room with those you love, sharing a meal, a cup of coffee, or a homemade dessert.  Recounting memories and stories that start with “back in the day” and “remember that one time…”  Nowadays when someone knocks on the door or rings the bell you assume a package was just delivered.  It may actually even startle you to see someone at the door.  What happened to checking in on your neighbors? Popping in on a friend for a quick catch up? No, not coordinating 5 days prior, texting when you arrive, and entering into a well cleaned home with no sign of daily life lived.  That doesn’t count.  We’re talking a good ole fashioned knock on the door to deliver those sweets you baked, unannounced and with a smile.  Sure their kitchen may be a mess, and the laundry piled up, but nothing beats the unexpected warmth of someone who cares enough to stop in.

Challenge:  Bake (or buy) a yummy treat, and knock on the neighbors door…with the biggest smile your face can muster up.