Live The Real – Give Back

You’ve earned it, two percent cashback on all of your purchases this past year and now it’s time to take that little sum and treat yourself.  The habit of occasionally checking in your app to see the points rise, followed by mentally planning how to allocate it to an item on your wishlist, then waiting a little longer to gain just a few more points before pulling the trigger.  It’s a never ending cycle of self gratification.  The virtual gamification of this system begins to instill in us the notion that we should reward ourselves with our surplus.  Let’s flip the script and start the habit of giving back, and not just from our surplus.

If time is money, how can we give beyond the surplus of our time as well?  Do we live out our weeks pre planned and so bound in accordance with what we want to accomplish that there is very little available for anyone else?

Challenge: Dip into your reward points to send someone an unexpected surprise.  Flowers, pre-prepped dinner, a cozy blanket and scented candle, it doesn’t take much to touch someone with generosity of any kind.  [alternative challenges: donate those gift cards you received over the years that have piled up – or even dip into the “reward points” of your surplus time, and look for ways to use it to do something for a close friend.  Offer to watch their kids so they can have a date night, help your mother to clean her house, or simply give someone extra quality time.] Take the time to experience real life moments by helping others.