Live The Real – Letter


“You’ve Got Mail.”  Not only one of the most classic movies of all time, but three words that quickly replaced the need for stamps and letterhead.  As children the only mail you could expect was an occasional birthday card, or maybe a school assigned penpal.  As adults we have become conditioned to dread the mailbox full of inevitable solicitation and bills.  Even today our inbox has become a ruthless collection of spam, promotions, and reminders of deadlines.  An email may not be a very glamorous means of communication, but it sure is convenient.  Does an email feel personal though?  Do the words read pull at the heartstrings the same way they could in an unfolded card that someone took an extra few minutes to purchase?  Maybe the reason that little envelope can bring a smile to your face is because of the many small steps someone took to get it to you.  Take out the pen,  write down the thoughts, lick the envelope, find that address, spend the 54¢ for the stamp, and send that little piece of mail that will bring joy in the simplest of ways.

Challenge: Send a New Year’s letter/card to your mailman, your distant family, your clients, neighbors, troops, senior homes, cancer patients, hospitals. Here is a great resource that will connect you with those in need: