Live The Real – Quality Time


Did you miss it?  Your friend’s hysterical monologue of a recent experience,  and when everyone breaks out laughing your head finally pops up from staring at your phone only to realize you didn’t hear a word of it.  What is happening on our phone that is more important than being present with those who are physically in the room with us?  More importantly, what are we occupying our mind with from our device that leaves us blind to the needs within the four walls of our home?  If ever there was a challenge to take on with true desire for change, this is it.  It’s simple, be present.  Even if there aren’t words to say in the moment, the act of engaging in your phone immediately cuts off your ability to receive others.  Students waiting to walk into class with their heads like an ostrich in the ground, cannot be open to conversation with their peers.  Spouses winding down for the evening and watching their favorite series together, yet still hovering over their phones, somehow still creates a barrier in what was a shared moment.

Is mindlessly scrolling worth the loss of the present moments?

Challenge: For one week, put your phone in a drawer after school or working hours not to be touched for the rest of the evening.  Take note of the slow pace of your evening, and the moments noticed and cherished. Take the time to create new real life moments over living digitally.