Live The Real – StoryTelling


The whole concept of posting on social media is to share a piece of your life with others.  The habit has become so second nature that those within our immediate circle and community get left behind.  Sure, they can read your update on Facebook, or look at the baby pictures on Instagram.  What do we miss?  Raw Reaction.  Witnessing the joy on someone’s face when you tell them you’re engaged, you’re having a baby, you took an amazing trip; or the consolation of someone’s empathy when you share your grief and trial.  It simply cannot be replaced. Share your moments with real people.  Tell your stories at the dinner table.  Share the pictures of your great adventure around the fireplace.  Give the hug to that friend who tells you they are going through a tough time.

Challenge:  Don’t post it.  We challenge… no DARE you… to reserve a life update for folks in your close community and circle.  Let them hear the words from you and allow them the chance to respond and celebrate whatever life is bringing you at this moment. Take the time to experience real life moments over digital updates.