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Are you for real?

A familiar phrase when you just can’t believe what you are hearing. A phrase typically used when desiring to confirm the truth. What is truth?


(The state of being true): in accordance with fact or reality

So we'll ask again... "Are you for real?"

Whether it is obvious or not, our world has evolved into a mixture of real and imitation. Every day we are pulled into some form of engagement in a virtual world. We watch others cook on TV, we chat with people online, we pay people with virtual dollars, we shop for our groceries with a few simple clicks.

The world has advanced us into some very incredible conveniences! But at what cost?
While these advancements provide so much good, what have we lost in exchange with one another?

We lost living life in The Real. So what do we do?

Don’t throw your phone into the ocean just yet. In fact, it brought us together at this moment, didn’t it?

What if we challenged each other to live out a Real New Year. How can we exchange many of our virtual habits for deepening our impact in the real world?

While it may feel like a contradiction to be virtually tasking you with challenges, we hope the impact has a far greater good in your personal world than in this social media platform. We hope you’ll consider following along over the next 10 challenge weeks!

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