the power



a beacon of hope

a beacon of hope

A beacon is a light that serves to signal or guide. Each of us have a unique way that we can spread hope through our hobbies, jobs, friends, family members. We are either adding positivity and hope to those around us, or not. Sometimes you’re the beacon, and sometimes you’re looking for the light, but always know there is a light when it feels dark. When the opportunity is right, be a beacon of hope.


in joy

hope in joy

Being joyful brings hope to our lives. Sometimes, we may not be ready to experience joy following a loss, a traumatic event, or other circumstances. The hope for joy in the future is what can drive us to move forward. That feeling of elation can be felt again. Find hope in joy.


and gratitude

Hope and gratitude

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and to return kindness. Using gratitude as the guiding principle for the holiday season, let us be grateful for what we have and share kindness with those around us. Spread love, hope, and gratitude.


in giving

hope in giving

Find hope through giving. We believe that Hope is often gained by giving it. Give your time to those following you as a mentor, give time to those who need it, give hope to those around you that you know need support, give financially to those that give back. Give Hope & Receive Hope.


through community

Hope through community

Find hope in your communities. These come in all shapes and sizes. Whether through helping with a local food pantry once a month, a small group at church, a surfing club, a Saturday morning Yoga community, an annual mud run with a group of friends. Being together with others helps us.


from tradition & legacy

hope from tradition & legacy

Hope for the future is often found through our past. Our family traditions, our legacies passed on from generation to generation. Seeing the struggles overcome by our ancestors with less resources or trying times gives hope that we can succeed through our own today.


the power of hope

The Power of Hope

Hope is a powerful force that has the ability to transform lives and inspire positive change. It serves as a beacon of light in the darkest of times, providing individuals with the strength and motivation to persevere through adversity. We hope that the power of hope is truly contagious for you, and that your spirit of hope will continue to spread to others in your life.


with the future

hope with the future

The future is hope. Every new day is a day for a blank slate, to shed a bad habit, to give more time and energy to something or someone we love. Find hope in tomorrow, while living for today. As we head into 2024, find HOPE through any or all of these avenues. Let hope guide you.


with the healing power of water

Hope with the healing power of water

Finding hope with water. The Blue Mind Theory shares the science that being on, in, or near water elevates our mental health. Make it a priority in life to get a healthy dose of water (and sunshine) on a consistent basis. Embrace hope with time near the water.

We believe that Hope is often gained by giving it.

For many, the holidays bring joy, traditions, and encouragement in the turn of a new season.  However, for some, it can also bring reminders of lost traditions, feeling alone, and increased depression.  

So how can we help others – and even ourselves – approach these challenges and feelings? How can we allow others to feel heard, seen, and celebrated amidst the distractions, planning, and rush that sweeps us away from those who need our presence most?  

(/hōp/ noun)
  1. A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.
  • A person or thing that may help or save someone.
  • Grounds for believing that something good may happen.

Green Hills encourages our local community to be the Hope others need this season.

We’ve collaborated with our friends and community to come up with creative ideas and practical ways to give hope throughout the holiday season. We are asking you, our community, to participate in spreading hope, and to share any encouraging ways in which you spread hope throughout the holidays.

As you begin your mission of spreading hope to your community, we encourage you to document your experiences.

There are two ways you can Document your hope challenge experience:

Lyfe Plum

Create a Lyfe Plum account to capture your stories. Lyfe Plum is an easy-to-use platform for saving life’s beautiful memories like the ones you will create throughout the Hope Challenge. Don’t let it all be forgotten. 

Create a Hope Family

A Hope Family is a group of loved ones, friends, and neighbors who can come together to encourage, support, and celebrate as you each partake in your own journey of spreading hope. Begin building your hope family today!

Establish your Hope Family

Create a group of 4-5 family and/or friends as your Hope Family.

Form your Hope Family Communication

Create a group text or GroupMe as a way to communicate with your Hope Family through each of the challenges.

Reflect through each Challenge

As you navigate through each challenge, use your Hope Family for support as you reflect and participate.

Let’s get started together today.

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Let’s get started together today.

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