What to Wear To a California Funeral



What to Wear to a California Funeral

For a celebration of life service, you may be asked to dress in a more lively way. Follow the family’s lead if there is one, such as wearing a specific color in honor of the deceased, otherwise, stick to tradition without being too dark and drab.

When a person passes away, fashion etiquette might just be the last thing on your mind.

As it should be.

After all, moments like this shift our focus from frivolous worries to the things that really matter. We’re reminded of the precious nature of life and the incomparable gift of sharing another day with the people we love. Who can think of clothing at a time like that?

And yet. We can’t forget about attire altogether. By showing up to a funeral in an appropriate outfit, you send a small but meaningful message to the family of the person you’re there to celebrate. You’re saying, “She mattered to me. And I know she mattered to you.”

Your effort in this area communicates respect. And our effort in this area is to help make this whole process simple so you can get back to working through your grief, expressing your love and showing your support.

Here’s a quick and easy guide for funeral wear in California:

Start with the basics. For men, this looks like a suit and tie or nice slacks with a dress shirt. Ladies can wear a dress or a blouse paired with either a skirt or dress pants.

Stick to solids. Neutrals are preferable while dark colors–like black, navy, brown or charcoal–are best. Patterns are okay as long as they are fairly subtle.

Choose a simple silhouette. Trends are fun, but this probably isn’t the place to show off a miniskirt or a flashy new sport jacket.

Consider your shoes. When attending a burial, it’s helpful to avoid heels that might sink into the ground or dress shoes that won’t fare well in the morning dew.

Think: stylish but subdued. Before you walk out the door, consider your overall look–including hair, accessories and makeup. Then ask yourself, “Do I appear put-together without drawing too much attention?” The answer you’re going for is a resounding “Yes!”

One quick note: In recent years, some families ask attendees to disregard normal funeral etiquette. Maybe they’d like everyone to dress in the matriarch’s favorite color? Or perhaps they’re planning a celebration of life service with not a hint of mourning in sight? In these instances, you should feel free to follow the family’s lead.

After all, the goal here is to show respect for the person who passed away and for the people remaining. Wearing the right clothes is a simple and easy way for you to do just that.

Should you have any questions on proper funeral attire, please feel free to reach out to our experienced team at Green Hills. We are more than happy to help.