Cremation… More than an Urn on the Mantle


When we say the word cremation, what do you think of? If you are like most people we talk to, you think of a past experience, when a family relation passed, was cremated, and was placed to rest in the home of a family member. Maybe you even envision the urn resting on the mantle.  With this picture in mind, talking about cremation wouldn’t be an enjoyable conversation to have, would it? At the least, it would be a short one.
For us, talking about cremation is less painful because we know ahead of time how the conversation is going to go. We’ve been down this road hundreds if not thousands of times, and the result is always the same. Our clients go from the picture in their mind of cremation to discovering all of the new, beautiful and personal options which are available. Most are pleasantly surprised and genuinely grateful by the choices available to them. Thankfully, the days of our loved ones resting in an urn on the mantle as the only possibility are long gone. The “urn on the mantle” has been replaced by a thoughtful celebration of life and a preserved legacy for generations to come.
It’s our goal at Green Hills Memorial Park to bring you peace of mind by communicating solutions which help families celebrate their loved ones’ life with respect and dignity. With that in mind here are several cremation options to consider.
Glass Front Niche
One of the most popular cremation burial options are glass front niches or “Memory Boxes.” Families appreciate the flexibility available to them for personalizing this stately final resting place.
Memory Boxes are offered in a variety of sizes and shapes. These elegant selections are back-lit and often decorated with pictures, memorabilia, and keepsakes, helping families perfectly memorialize their loved one.
Granite Front Niche
These beautiful above ground burial options are constructed of stunning granite or marble and are offered for single, companion or family selections. These niches, set in the healing canvas of nature, have remained a popular option for our visiting families due to their proximity to streams, waterfalls and scenic vantage points within the park.
Ground Burial
Many of our traditional families prefer this familiar means of cremation burial. Ground burial offers the ability to bury one or two family members in a number of diverse areas throughout our park.
Mixed Burial Needs
Occasionally, families express diverse needs as it relates to traditional and cremation burial choices. Our park specializes in working with these families and our many available options at Green Hills allow us to accommodate their needs and preferences, regardless of their choice in final disposition.
Shore Line Memorial Service
There are several types of scatter cremation options available for those who wish their remains to be set free on the water.
A Thoughtful, Permanent Resting Place
Of most importance is the conversation regarding a permanent resting place for cremated remains. All of the options at Green Hills Memorial Park make possible thoughtful preparations for a resting place in perpetuity.
Sadly, we often see loved ones cremains being passed down to future generations who no longer care, made evident as cremation urns end up at yard sales, scrap metal recycling centers, and other unusual places. Making preparations sooner rather than later keeps the focus on the celebration of a life and preserves the legacy of your loved ones’ for all future generations.
Give your loved ones’ the peace of mind that they can celebrate and grieve peacefully, and future generations will not be faced with the question of “What do we do with this urn now?”