Memorial Park vs. Cemetery


We are frequently asked the question “What is the difference between a Cemetery and Memorial Park?” The physical differences between each are easily described. A traditional Cemetery has upright monuments which are typically made of stone. Many have been part of their communities for over 100 years and contain a great deal of history such as sculpture, architecture, and other art. Memorial parks are parks and gardens where their memorials, typically of bronze,  are placed level with the ground to blend with the beauty of the landscape. They often feature broad lawns with a variety of trees, gardens and flowering beds. The most significant difference between the Cemetery and Memorial Park can be found in the personal emotional journeys they each inspire.

A Cemetery

A cemetery provides an enduring memorial for those who have passed away. Enabling present and future generations to remember and give thanks for the legacy of their loved one. It provides a healing outlet for grief, helping the living without our loved ones to be a little more bearable. Often the emotional journey connected with a cemetery is a personal one, limited to those who have a connection to the departed.

A Memorial Park

Memorial parks will often include a cemetery which is a small part of the entire grounds. The grounds as a whole maintain an open, beautifully natural setting which creates an inviting and uplifting environment. This creates a backdrop for services which is less about mourning and more about life celebration. These expansive and appealing settings set people at ease and invite families to form new traditions of life gatherings. The emotional journey connected with the memorial park is enhanced through natural beauty, and is more expansive, favoring larger groups.

Green Hills Memorial Park

At Green Hills Memorial Park, we embrace and develop the inviting nature of the memorial park. All facilities and grounds are designed with families in mind. Our ultimate goal is to make families wholly welcome and comfortable which fosters their spending more time together.

Life Celebrated Perfectly

Life Celebrated Perfectly is the slogan of Green Hills Memorial Park. In reality, though, it’s much more than a slogan, it’s our ethos. Our entire team believes the legacy of each unique life is worthy of being celebrated perfectly and remembered in the future. We are also passionate about Life Celebrated Perfectly in the broad sense. All aspects of life are much better when experienced with others, especially the heartfelt celebration of each precious day.
We host several Life Celebrated Perfectly events throughout the year. We invite the entire community to these events and let them know “This is your community park. Come enjoy it with us!”
These events include an Easter Sunrise Service, a Memorial Day Observance, a fall Harvest Festival, and a winter Let It Snow Holiday Festival. The Let It Snow Holiday Festival is a beautiful sight to behold. The celebration area is highly decorated by the families of loved ones, creating a stunning visual presentation of their love and remembrance.
We hope you will join the community at the next Life Celebrated Perfectly event. You can find event information at our education center.
All of us at Green Hills Memorial Park look forward to seeing you soon.