What is the Cost of Cremation?


When we ask, “How much does it cost?”
We often just want to know the price. Give me the numbers. Right?
And that’s fair. Knowing the numbers helps us to make decisions. We can budget, plan and prioritize accordingly. But price isn’t the only factor we must consider to truly understand the cost of a good or service. Especially when it comes to cremation.

When you pay for the cremation of a loved one, you must also consider value. Value in our business includes things like prompt communication, clear expectations and the peace that comes from entrusting a family member’s care to someone else.

As you research cremation costs with various companies, make note of the following:

The total price of cremation, including any taxes or fees.
Whether the cremation takes place in-house or needs to be outsourced.
An estimated timeline for when you can expect to receive your loved one’s ashes.

We often find that price reflects value.
So the true cost of a budget cremation could mean that you save some money while also sacrificing a timely follow-through and a secure process. Discounted rates often result in weeks or months before a cremated loved one’s remains are returned to you.

When you choose to spend a bit more on cremation, your costs incurred are primarily financial, as timeliness and care are given ultimate priority.

Here at Green Hills, we do our best to provide a reasonable rate for cremation. But if you find that our costs are slightly higher than other options, that’s okay. We’re proud to offer premium service at a not-so premium rate.

As a result, we’re able to offer families a precise day and time of cremation–likely in the next few days instead of weeks. Information in hand, families can then move forward with memorial planning and celebration of life services.

We’re also able to keep a watchful eye over everything that happens in our crematorium. Families can trust that the ashes they receive truly do belong to a loved one. And they can take comfort in the fact that we perform each part of the process with the utmost respect.

We know the importance of considering cost when making decisions about cremation. If you have questions that would help you better understand these costs–either the price or the value–our advisors are more than happy to assist you. Give us a call at 310-361-3252.