Live The Real: Affirm


A simple action repeated over and over each week: “liking” a post on social media of someone else’s life as you sit in your own world, viewing a snapshot of theirs. 

What started out as a creative way to share life updates with friends and loved ones has quickly turned into viewing or curating life through a lens. 

This microsign of approval takes little to no effort, and tends to have little to no impact on the lives you’re viewing. Rather than giving validation to someone through the act of a “like,” let us validate them in words of affirmation.

Challenge: Take the time to experience real life moments over digital validation by giving words of affirmation to a stranger or loved one. From a simple compliment like “you have a really nice smile!” to something more sincere like “I appreciate all you’ve done for me” can have a significant impact. Take your validation and affirmation away from the screen and into real life by sharing genuine words with those around you.