Live the Real: Conversation


There seems to be a mask of anonymity or a cloak of courage people wear when they leave comments on social media posts. Albeit loving or bold, they find themselves with a newfound ability to use their words in a way they might not be comfortable doing in-person.  Have you ever left a compliment on someone’s photo or social post, only to dodge and ignore them when you have a run in at the grocery store? Where is that courage and how can we turn it back on? 

We are not created to live our lives as lone wolves, but instead to live in community with others. A simple smile, a hello, or an acknowledgement of those around you can raise the dignity of that soul instantaneously. Practice the art of a conversation, and before you know it you’ll be leaving the house without that mask or cloak.

Challenge: Start a conversation with the check out clerk at the grocery store or the postal worker delivering your packages. Give acknowledgment to the unexpected people in your day. Take the time to experience real life moments over digital conversations.