Finding Serenity in the Resurrection Slope


Celebrating 75 years of honoring loved ones

In the spirit of celebrating 75 years of honoring the loved ones of our community and providing a resting place for so many, we were touched to receive a story that goes beyond having a final resting place.

When we advance plan, we expect things to go a certain way. But as life always shows us, not everything goes according to plan. Such is the story of the Shuler family.

“My grandparents came to San Pedro in 1933, shortly before my dad was born in San Pedro Community Hospital. In 1965 they purchased a plot with interment privilege for four, at Green Hills, in the Lakeview Lawn area.

The park was under construction and the spot they originally chose was not yet finished when my grandfather, Homer Shuler, died in 1966, so they moved the family plot to Resurrection Slope, where he was buried. 15 years later, my young sister Denise died unexpectedly. She shared a birthday with Grandpa, so it seemed fitting that they should be at rest there together, and was buried there also.

21 years after that, my grandmother Helen died and was buried with Grandpa.

My mother, Sally, wanted to be someday buried with Denise.

She and my dad had divorced, and it was Dad who then owned the plot, but Dad agreed to sign hold inviolate papers to allow Mom to be buried there.

So 21 years after Helen’s death, (last weekend), Sally was buried with Denise.

All four spaces are now filled, and since our family members now all live in different states, our association with Green Hills is coming to a close, except for whatever visits to these graves might occur in future years.

As we left last Saturday, I stopped to look up at the slope, thinking how it will be peaceful and quiet until the resurrection morning of these people so important to me.

We thank you for your long term service to our family, and the maintenance of a beautiful place for our loved ones to be at rest.“

We are honored to be a place where families can come and remember their loved ones. Having a place to come, take a moment to breathe, and remember important people in our lives will always be special, even when the whole family cannot be together.