Spreading Hope: The Power of Kindness


Everyone knows the famous saying “You never know what someone is going through. Be kind. Always.” Picture this: you walk into a busy coffee shop on a Saturday morning. Orders are being called out, frappuccinos swirling through the blenders, and a line a mile long full of customers just trying to grab their caffeine fix and go about their day. One customer gets impatient and doesn’t even look up from his phone while he is barking out his order. You notice another customer behind them, who has probably waited for a decent amount of time, and they make eye contact with the barista, smile at them, and politely thank them for working so hard.

What interaction was more meaningful to that barista? The customer that couldn’t seem to take a second to say “thank you”, or the customer who took the time to smile and presented themselves with grace and gratitude? I think we all know the answer to this one.

Now that you’ve seen both interactions, how will YOU act when you get to the front of the line? The way that we talk, act, and treat others impacts everyone around us in either a positive or negative way. You have the power each day to choose to give hope.

Spreading a Sense of Hope

As human beings, we tend to mirror each other’s behavior, especially in social settings. Imagine if you set an example in that coffee shop, and made it known that you were going to remain positive, gracious, and understanding. The people behind you in line could mirror that behavior. That barista could have been having an awful day, and you just turned it around for them and made them smile. 

You have the power to change the course of the day for people that you interact with on a day-to-day basis simply by spreading a sense of hope and being a bright light on an otherwise bad day. 

Giving hope to others can happen in simple moments like: 

  • Smiling at a barista 
  • Thanking a veteran 
  • Opening a door for someone 

These seemingly small moments are powerful enough to send a strong message of hope for humanity that there are still good people out there.

Hope is Gained by Giving it

How can you spread hope in your own family, relationships, and communities? It all starts with setting intentional behaviors that will embrace positivity and hope for those around you. Sometimes, hope can start by you giving it–by taking that seemingly uncomfortable step to go out of your way to brighten someone else’s day. And in turn, you get a glimmer of hope along the way, too. We’ve listed some great ways to keep your gestures of kindness and hope flowing throughout all areas in your life.

Make an effort to be present in the moment.

We all want to feel seen and heard, so one of the easiest ways to give hope is by simply putting your phone down. Pay attention to your grandparent who loves the chance to share their stories with you because you are one of their only visitors for the week.  Actively engage with the child who is asking you to come play. Make eye contact, listen, and communicate in a way that makes them feel special and heard. It’s so important to be present in the moment so you don’t miss anything.

Check-in on a friend or loved one.

Send a text to a friend who you haven’t connected with in a while. Share a nice sentiment with them. Tell them how much they mean to you and how valued they are in your life. An out-of-the-blue message like this could turn their whole day around and may inspire them to do the same for someone else in their life.  Your simple message has the power to create a snowball effect for giving hope to others even beyond your own community.

Practice patience.

Just like with the barista in the coffee shop, slow down and practice patience with those around you. A quick smile or providing positive feedback could make their whole day. You never know the battles that they are facing at that moment.

Practice self-care. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

You aren’t alone if you’re feeling tired or run-down.  Whether you are burnt out from work, the stresses of having young children, or other trying life circumstances, take some time to fill your own cup first before you can think about pouring into others. 

Sometimes, the best way to pour into ourselves is by pouring in to others. It can feel challenging to give hope to others if you find yourself feeling hopeless, but remember that hope is gained for ourselves by giving hope to others. Take some time to rest your body and reset your mindset so that you show up as the best possible version of yourself not just today, but every day!

Being a Beacon of Light

Spreading hope and positivity is such a huge gesture that can be achieved with the smallest acts of kindness. The impact that these small acts can have on not just a person, but a community at large are profound. 

Are you ready to be a beacon of light to those in your community – from the baristas and beyond? We’d love to hear how you choose to spread hope! You can share your hope story on social media and tag #GreenHillsHope.